20 Actionable Tips To Land Your First Job On Upwork

Some quick steps & Expert advice to get most out of Upwork

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1. Build A Strong Profile

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1.1. Your Profile Picture:

Your profile picture will develop your first impression on your client.

1.2. Write An Engaging & Keyword Rich Job Title And Overview

1.3. Role Of An Introductory Video:

1.4. Select Skills Related To Your Expertise

1.5. Upload Work Samples:

1.6. Add Your Work Experience And Education:

2. Hunt For The Right Sort Of Jobs

2.1. Be Patient & Make A Strategy

2.2. Focus On Small and One-Time Projects

3. Take Upwork Tests

4. Send Winning Proposals

4.1. Greetings:

4.2. Restate The Project:

4.3. Your Introduction:

4.4. Explain How You Can Complete The Project

4.5. Add Frequently Asked Questions

4.6. Add Your Portfolio:

4.7. Offer Free Samples

4.8. Add Ending Remarks

Final Thoughts:

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