Instagram SEO Techniques for Better Engagement in 2021

A short and definitive guide to Instagram SEO

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Optimize your Profile

The first step to perform is your profile optimizations. Below are a few tips for optimizing your Instagram profile:

  • Create a colourful, and simple logo or profile picture for your account.
  • Choose a username that is easy to remember and searchable. Don’t go for words that are difficult to pronounce.
  • Find a good business name for your account.
  • Use tools like Linktree, or Milkshake to create a bio link. With these tools, you can diverge your Instagram traffic to your other social media profiles.
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Keyword Enriched Name & Username

After optimizing your profile, remember to add your focus key phrase in your display name, and username as well.

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Use Secondary Keywords in your Bio

Secondary keywords are amazing to find users who were unable to search for your primary keyword but they can be interested in your product or service.

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Use your Hashtags as Keywords

After you have finished optimizing your profile, now it’s time to optimize your posts. This process is important, that is why you have to pay attention to it.

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Use Keywords in your Post Captions

Another essential step is to craft a simple and engaging caption for your followers.

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Image Optimization on Instagram

For image optimization, Instagram has introduced a new Alt text feature.

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Photo courtesy to the author

Track Your Performance

Tracking your account’s performance can help you create amazing data charts. With these charts, you can reshape your Instagram Marketing strategy to perform better.

Things you should avoid doing:

  • Don’t steal content
  • Don’t buy followers
  • Don’t use bots
  • Don’t use the stupid follow/unfollow strategy. Following too many people at once can make you look suspicious.
  • Don’t stuff your keywords.

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